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Rules and Policies

By posting your ad on madinfrance, you accept and must respect the following conditions:

- The text of the advertisement must mention the product / goods / services object of the advertisement.

- You claim to have the rights to the images / photos / video illustrating your advertisement.

- In the case of a photo insertion, it must represent the property.

- Any advertisement containing elements of text (words, expressions, sentences, etc ...), which would seem contrary to the legal or regulatory provisions, good morals, the spirit of the publication, or likely to disturb or shock the readers will be refused by madinfrance without this giving rise to any right to compensation.

- Any advertisement concerning a property rental, furnished or unfurnished, of the vacation rental or seasonal type, of a duration less than 10 months or limited in time and / or which is by nature not intended for the main residence of the tenant, must be filed the category "vacation rental".

- You must place your ad in the place where your property is for sale. It should only be entered once. An advertisement entered in several places will be completely deleted.

It's forbidden :
- put in the title and / or description of the ad a redirecting link to a website
- to place an ad calling for private donations or for humanitarian purposes
- to file a notice of wanted person
- to post comments / titles / description on a racist, hateful, or offensive basis
- to place an advertisement for advertising purposes, all professions combined.
- to place an advertisement whose object is regulated or prohibited by law

As a user of the madinfrance service, you must ensure that the property you are looking to sell or rent is a product authorized by the law applicable in your country.

The following objects are strictly prohibited on the site:
- tobacco, drugs and related items, dangerous and illegal substances
- cosmetics, drugs and drugstore
- firearms, explosives, hunting traps
- protected plant and animal species

Ads belonging to:
- personal services (childcare, tutoring, personal care and assistance, etc.)
- daily living services (cleaning, villa management, security, gardening, etc.)
- small jobs (plumbing craftsmen, carpentry, electricity, etc ...)
- small business services (accounting, secretarial, etc ...)
are refused.

Madinfrance reserves all right to publish announcements.

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